Apartment Living

Yesterday, after four months of online learning while being quarantined with his delightful family, Bryce has moved back to school and is now inhabiting his first apartment. His new home is pretty nice. Granite counters in the kitchen that is fully equipped with stainless steel appliances. Oh, and his own washer/dryer along with a shit… Continue reading Apartment Living

Not All There

Friends, I am confident in the realization that 2020, not only has changed the course of our society, but it has robbed me of my brain. Maybe I am a bit consumed over the surgery that is upcoming next Friday or maybe I am just brain dead from this overstimulating year. Whatever the case, I… Continue reading Not All There

What Else

I feel like I should just make a big bowl of popcorn, sit back, and watch the shit show unfold before me. Monday was an interesting day. If you have been a diligent follower of my blog, and haven’t gotten sick of my rants, you know that I have been dealing with a tendon issue… Continue reading What Else


Since 2020 seems to be The Twilight Zone on crack, I wake up each day resigned to the reality that there will be some sort of shit show occurring. There is a level of acceptance and honestly, it provides a way for me to simply be numb to it all. I fill up with distractions.… Continue reading Handy