A couple of days ago, I shared that my mother’s caregiver was leaving. I get it. The pay is ridiculously low and she needs to do what is best for her family. And, honestly, so do I. I waited a few days to reach out to the agency, thinking that they would be proactive in… Continue reading Assumptions

Half My Life

Today is my wedding anniversary. It’s Brian’s too, but since I am writing the blog, I get first dibs. Isn’t that the way marriage is suppose to be? So, I have been with one person over half my life. That is a really long time. Looking back, I am amazed at the journey. Let me… Continue reading Half My Life

Can This Wait?

Yesterday, before I went to the visitation for my mother’s best friend, I received a text from her caregiver informing me, she is quitting the agency. This means another hunt for the ideal person who will fit best with my mother. Already emotionally compromised, I kept thinking, can this wait? My stomach clenched feeling impending… Continue reading Can This Wait?

An Enigma

So, I am in the midst of my revisions, which in layman terms means, I am residing in the seventh circle of hell. I had this grand illusion that it would be so easy. Effortless even. The simple act of expansion. But, clearly, I am delusional. Writer’s block is a real condition. My characters have… Continue reading An Enigma

Ride the Wave

This week has been bumpy. Full of adjustments and random wrenches thrown into my plans. My revisions on my book have been halted while I dealt with ongoing issues with my mother. Her vertigo has been a point of concern as she has been having side effects from the treatments along with the emotional component… Continue reading Ride the Wave