It’s On

After my “ood Morning” typo on the email, I was hopeful that the day would definitely improve.  I did get a response back and to my intense pleasure, it too, had typos.   Humans embracing being human.   Grateful to be on track for my deadline, I put the work aside to focus on something else…….my menopausal… Continue reading It’s On

User Error

I was given an assignment for a magazine that is on a tight deadline.  Armed with my information, I reached out to several individuals in order to secure interviews and to lock in a date to photograph them.    It seemed effortless until one of those individuals had yet to respond.   I was flabbergasted and… Continue reading User Error


I am not sure how to word this, but I will do my best to explain my current situation.  When I created my blog this morning, it was under the pretense of sharing about our right to vote and how Bailey, our oldest with Down syndrome, exercises his right as well.  I shared that breakfast… Continue reading Prejudice