The Act

“She’s fine.  Just go to bed.”  These are the words that my spouse uttered as he settled in bed after falling asleep in another room while watching television.  He wasn’t privy to the last 45 minutes of Presley, our eldest Basset hound, who kept gagging and throwing up nothing.   So, I listened to him –… Continue reading The Act

In Hiding

“Oh, shit,” is what I muttered as I hustled the dogs in from being outside.  I use sentence enhancers all the time, but this was more emphasized to relay my unhappiness.  You see, the Jehovah Witnesses were creeping around the neighborhood spreading the “good news”.  There is no good news when pesky people try to… Continue reading In Hiding

An Epidemic

I want to take time to address a serious epidemic that is ravaging our society.   This condition affects the majority of the male population causing exasperated women to use sentence enhancers on a daily basis.  This condition is most commonly referred to as male blindness.   It causes males to not be able to see what… Continue reading An Epidemic


There is a point in time where I wonder if I am still teachable.  Or quite possibly, I am teachable but only for things that interest me.   While in Santa Fe with two of my friends, the app talk was about Snapchat.   They were so enthused about the premise that I couldn’t help but be… Continue reading Snap

What the hell?

I returned from my adult timeout only to be tossed into the bonfire of reality.   Dealing with life on its terms,  I found myself spinning a bit.  Trying to get my bearings along with packing to leave for the lake.   You see, God is hilarious.  Months ago we were invited to spend the weekend with… Continue reading What the hell?

The Return

There is an illusion with time.  While it has only been a week,  it feels longer.   Being with girlfriends brings me back to center.   Talking, laughing, touring, and simply relaxing allows me to return to my world with a sense of contentment.   It is like taking your car to the gas station and filling up. … Continue reading The Return

Always There

“So you are Addison’s daughter?  He was one of the nicest men.”  This is something I haven’t heard in years and it made me teary.    You see, one of my closest friend’s father worked with my Dad many years ago.   He happened to be in Santa Fe yesterday along his wife and a family… Continue reading Always There