I have to admit that my family provides some of the best material. This morning, I was hardly through my cup of liquid gold, when my spouse tries to enlighten me on his way of thinking. My brain is a tad fuzzy in the morning. Comprehension is hit or miss. It is literally hotter than… Continue reading What?


Sometimes, I am completely baffled at how some individuals function in the outside world. Recently, our community has been inundated with car break-ins. While this has always been an issue, the difference is that a good amount of the cars violated have had guns in them. Yes, my friends, people leaving their guns in their… Continue reading Reminders


This happens to me all the time. The self-deprecating voices that urge me to sabotage successes. The voices that preach that I am not good enough or worthy. Those voices are complete and utter assholes urging me to rationalize and justify my actions. Those bitches are evil. I don’t think that I have ever committed… Continue reading Slip


This may surprise you, but I dislike confrontation. However, there are moments that warrant my participation, I just have to remember to choose my words carefully. I also have to presume positive intent for everyone. Hard pill to swallow when the issue at hand has an emotional charge. My favorite sport that Bailey plays in… Continue reading Presumptions

Please, be quiet

My Monday was centered around being of service. Mom had an appointment with an ENT. Not long ago, she had an issue with vertigo that she was convinced her hearing aids caused. Several professionals have explained that they were not the issue, but we have to go through the ranks to convince her. Jesus. Take.… Continue reading Please, be quiet