Feel It

Yesterday, I felt heavy. The discomfort was palpable. Instead of the four seasons, 2020 has become the season of a pandemic sprinkled with protesting. The pandemic could have waited but I suppose if we are going to have a shit show, that certainly makes it more interesting. Please add the lunacy of some of our… Continue reading Feel It

The Peace

I am looking for the peace, friends. After two nights of rioting in beautiful downtown Louisville, I am simply looking for the peace. I went to bed with my stomach in knots. I feared for the safety of all of those who were protesting in the name of Breona Taylor. I feared for those journalists… Continue reading The Peace

The Pace

This week has been my reentry into our new reality. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to slowly emerge due to the my mother’s situation. It has been full-throttle all week. Of course, I already had appointments scheduled. Bailey had to go to the orthodontist, along with our haircuts, plus I was staying with my mom and… Continue reading The Pace