Sometimes it is simply leading by example that morphs into change. I wear pants, suddenly my spouse is following suit. I adopt a healthier lifestyle, and Brian is asking me to buy Chia seeds and almond milk. It is all so amazing and weird at the same time. Oh, and for the record, I kept… Continue reading Leading

A New View

This month, my spouse, celebrates seventeen years of sobriety. When I think back about all the years of his active drinking, I am in awe of how we survived. We both have worked diligently on our ourselves to become more emotionally and spiritually fit. When I went to his birthday celebration, I listened to all… Continue reading A New View

Bonus Baby

Today might appear to be simply March 21 (3/21), but for those of us who are the lucky few, it is World Down Syndrome Day. Twenty-four years ago on this day, I was two weeks out from giving birth to my first child. We already knew it was going to be a boy, so a… Continue reading Bonus Baby

Just Another Day

The moment that I pledge to do something different, the universe basically says, “challenge accepted”. No yoga yesterday, but I had to set some boundaries. Clothing boundaries, that is, because my spouse has gotten comfortable simply strutting around in his undies. (Sorry, for the visual.) Just like I had to remind Bailey that coming to… Continue reading Just Another Day