Obstacle Course

When strolling through this thing called life, I often stumble.   Usually, the obstacle I stumble over is me.   It’s funny, but I can create an unrealistic outcome or scenario in my head to accompany any uncomfortable issue that should arise.  I have spent countless hours overthinking random solutions that will work for me.  It is humorous when I think about it, as the solution will arrive and be whatever it will be.   Fear usually overwhelmes the faith that is circling my heart.

So, why do I repeat the same pattern?   Easy.  I forget the God has a plan, and I just need to get out of the way.   It needs time to unfold just like dough needs time to rise.  My white-knuckle solution usually brings a lot of unpleasant symptoms.  I have to remember that I am powerless.   Life is simple. I am the one that makes it complicated.


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