So, Bailey starts a vocational school this summer after he graduates from high school.  Since he isn’t going off to college like a typical high school senior, I thought it would be fun to transform his room into a “dorm” room.     After all, who wouldn’t love that, right?  Wrong.   We came into some furniture after… Continue reading Readiness

What If?

So, while dealing with my aging mother, I need to find the humor in all of it.  My mother is the queen of worry.  I am convinced that her worry actually speeds up her metabolism which explains why she is so skinny.  It also explains her needs to take on everyone’s stuff.  The repairman who… Continue reading What If?

Shut Up

One of the biggest problems that I encounter, is my inability to simply close my mouth.   I have the unique talent of talking my head while others are sharing, compiling my own thoughts.   I want to share my wisdom, but what I have grown to understand, is wisdom is gained by truly listening.   It is… Continue reading Shut Up


I have never liked riding on rollercoaster.    Suffering from motion sickness, the twists, turns, ups and downs, hardly make me scream in joy.  Instead, I get off the ride and feel nauseous and dizzy.    Needless to say I avoid those whenever I have the opportunity.  However, life is a rollercoaster.   Currently, I am dealing with… Continue reading Rollercoaster