Winning Attitude

I amuse myself at times.  Recently, my son Bailey, who has Down Syndrome, played in a Special Olympics basketball game where his team lost…….by a lot.     His team nor his coach were the least bit phased as we were having a rematch a few days later in a tournament.   Their attitude was……WE ARE GOING TO WIN!!!    Now, I love a positive outlook as much as the next person, however, I tend to have a realistic outlook  served up with a little negative to the side.

So, Bailey gets ready this morning for his 8 am tournament game.  Before leaving, he asks me what we are doing after his 2 pm game and I tell him that he has to win the first game, then we will talk.    He grins, laughs, and confidently exclaims, “We ARE going to win,”.    You see, he is my greatest teacher.  

Today, his team did lose, but only by four, not twenty. They played well and learned from their previous experience.    So, Bailey was right.  They did win.   Winning is all about learning, growing, and most of all, seeing the good in EVERYTHING!  That is what makes a winner in my book.

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