Brotherly Love

So, I often write about my oldest son Bailey, who has Down Syndrome.    For four and a half years, he was our one and only, until we had Bryce.  Bryce is smart, funny, and has the biggest heart.    That overrides the fact that he didn’t sleep for the first two years.  I tell him all the time that I am still trying to catch up.   Bryce never knew their was anything different about Bailey.   All he knew was that his big brother was full of fun and always accommodating to his every whim.  

Now that the boys are older, their interactions are typical.   The annoying banter.  The one liners that Bailey can come up with to zing his brother who is seemingly unaffected, even though he covers his annoyance.   Then there are the moments where their interactions are loving and kind.  

Bryce doesn’t treat his brother any different.   In fact, he relishes in pushing the envelope.  Although, I know he would go to the mat for his brother.    It hasn’t been easy as Bailey attracts a lot of attention.   People gravitate to him.   And even though Bryce is the youngest, he has character traits of the oldest.    I am sure there are times where it bothers him, but you would never know it.   Their brotherly love is deep and I am privileged to experience it.


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