Have you every had a moment where you are feeling wonderful then you receive some information that makes your stomach clench and your mind explodes with fearful projections?   I have them all too many times.   Powerlessness.   My mother suffers from depression.   She has struggled all of my life, but most recently it has impacted her… Continue reading Realization

Final Story

It has always been a habit of mine to peruse the obituaries.  Not out of morbid fascination, but out of a curiosity of the snapshot into one’s life.   The young and the old combined on several black and white pages.  The young person taken too early or the older, stately grandmother who spent her life dedicated to… Continue reading Final Story


I am completely baffled that there are still individuals on this planet who are so politically incorrect that we still need to remind them how to act around individuals with special needs.  For me, being a parent of a young man with Down Syndrome, has provided me with lots of learning opportunities.  Growing up, there… Continue reading Taboo

Last Day

What would you do, if today were your last day on this earth?   Would you make a difference in someone else’s life?  Would you clear up old wounds?  For me, I would spend the day with the ones I love and eating the most amazing food.  I would do the things that I keep putting… Continue reading Last Day

Beautiful Walk

Brian’s grandmother suffer from Alzeihmer’s and it has been a long road for my mother-in-law and her sisters.    The interesting observation is while she doesn’t know a lot of her family, she recognizes Bailey.  I have always said that individuals with Down Syndrome are spiritual beings.  They have this sense of love and compassion, so… Continue reading Beautiful Walk


Last night, Mother Nature delivered an ice event that created an ice sculpture out of the wintery landscape.  The ice formed to each branch to perfection showing me God’s creative ability.   While it is inconvenient for most, I find it a gift to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  It is not lost on me that… Continue reading Moments