Costume Ball

I often compare life to a costume ball.  Everyone is masked.  They camouflage what is inside by exaggerating their outer being.   For years, I participated in this costume ball.    Saying the right things, doing whatever I could to fit in, and selling myself short.  The reality is those relationships weren’t authentic and neither… Continue reading Costume Ball

Crossing the Border

I have spent years participating in other people’s agendas only to realize that my use is short lived.  Sadly, since my people pleasing skills are quite sharp, I have wallowed in the pool of disappointment when dealing with these relationships.   Recently, in fact, the last few days have given me cause to pause, gather… Continue reading Crossing the Border


When Bailey was born with Down Syndrome, I lived in fear over his future.  I was paralyzed wondering how it would all work out.   Everyday presented me with a new opportunity to educate, advocate, and affirm the people that were sent to further him on his path. Tomorrow, he graduates from high school and… Continue reading Celebrate


After a long day of emotional upheaval, today I exhale.    Yesterday, when my Down Syndrome son, Bailey, was excluded from his school’s memory book, I had bucket full of emotions.  Late last night, a blanket of peace covered me and I was able to pause, reflect, and pray for a positive outcome after I… Continue reading Faith

No Excuses

I write this blog to those who are lacking in compassion.   So, let me say.  I am a mother to a wonderful young man with Down Syndrome.  His life long dream is simple to be a part of the community.   This is his last week of high school.  He is a proud member… Continue reading No Excuses