Cleanse Timeout

I woke up this morning feeling foggy.   Eyes throbbing, nose congested, and sounding like a bad imitation of sad bull frog.  It appears that I was grabbed in the middle of the night by a dreaded cold.   Not sure if you one would agree with me, but when I am sick, everything is presented out of context.    The slightest, innocent comment can be transformed into a life altering moment.    With that awareness in mind, I gravitated to isolation.   I rallied just enough to drop the youngest at school and come home to a warm bed ready for my next step in my emotional cleanse……..the time out.   You see, I know that illness makes me cranky and when I am cranky I react, am impulsive, and rarely pause.    So, knowing this about myself allows me to focus on healing physically as my emotional well-being can wait.

At first, it was annoying to be in a timeout.  I felt frustrated at what appeared as a step backwards, but then it occurred to me that if I didn’t do the next right thing, it would be more than one step, it would be several hundred.    My emotions hang in a delicate balance when my body is not up to par.   Being gentle with myself is just another indication of how far I have come in the process of putting myself first.  So for today, I will rest, hydrate, and isolate.   It is better for all of humanity if I simply pause.


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