Urban Legend

My sister posted on Facebook recently, her name definition that she found in the Urban Dictionary.  It was funny because her name is very unusual, so I was surprised it was in there.  On this rainy Sunday morning, I decided to peruse my name and see if the definitions were even close to how I… Continue reading Urban Legend

Well Done!

So, back to school week is always a challenge, especially when you have kids starting new journeys. Getting routines back in check and having everyone on the same page can present some obstacles, but I would not trade the experience for anything in the world. Being a mom has been the most gratifying job I… Continue reading Well Done!

Their Story

Yes, I read the obituaries. It started several years ago, after my husband’s forty year old uncle passed away. I peruse each person on the page, not looking for someone I know necessarily, but absorbing their life story wrapped up in a paragraph or two. I am intrigued by their education history, interests, surviving family,… Continue reading Their Story

More Time

I woke up with pains in my chest and a lump in my throat. Today, I register my baby for high school. The same kid, who for the first three years of his life, didn’t sleep and when it came time to drop him off at kindergarten, I barely stopped the car. The anticipation of… Continue reading More Time


I find that my ordinary life is extraordinary About twelve years ago, I had a spiritual awakening of sorts or as Oprah called it, my “aha moment”. I was so consumed with everything around me, I was no longer in the present moment. Instead, I was distracted by the chaos that enveloped my life. Recently,… Continue reading Extraordinary