Gender Pool

I consider myself to fairly evolved within my own strengths as a woman.  Independent and what I consider savvy, I am surprised at the emotions that I am feeling.   Bailey and I are camping this weekend with some very fun friends.  Now, this isn’t the first time the rest of the family was unable… Continue reading Gender Pool

Thought Process

So, while I continue my emotional cleanse, I have developed some new coping skills.    My thoughts tend to take on a life of their own, especially if they are negative.  I have been inspired to shift those not-so-kind thoughts into something more positive.  For one unkind thought, I balance it with something that individual… Continue reading Thought Process

Happy Trails

I am mindful that life isn’t always grand.  It is with a large exhale, that I acknowledge and even embrace when life takes an uncomfortable turn.  It isn’t about being happy all the time (that isn’t realistic), but it is about how you turn a difficult situation into an opportunity to perhaps learn something. As… Continue reading Happy Trails

The Interview

It always amazes me, how you can hear a message from a complete stranger that speaks volumes. As a freelance writer, my featured column is all about beautiful homes.  My interview process is always enlightening and enjoyable.  The people are gracious and welcoming.  There are moments where the tables are turned and I get interviewed.… Continue reading The Interview

The Spectator

With so many changes going on around me, I am reasonably serene.  Sometimes change makes me anxious, uneasy, and unmanageable.  My oldest son, who has Down Syndrome has mastered riding the bus independently while my youngest has plunged into his high school career with gusto.   There is really nothing left for me, but to… Continue reading The Spectator