Yes, you probably think by reading the title of this blog, that I have lost my mind.  Wait….there’s more.   I am merely making up a new word.  “Waction” is a combination of word and action.   You see, my whole issue is the troublesome individuals who are all talk and no followup.  Being in… Continue reading Waction


After much anxiety, I survived my weekend with my mother.  Like anything else, the thoughts in my head can create a chaotic scene overrun with unrealistic situations.   So, while there were some obstacles, I was able to use many tools to overcome the panic that enveloped me. Here are some things that I learned.… Continue reading Survival


In my life, I have experienced many miracles and blessings.  Many, of which, I was blind to.   Focused on my own feeling of grief and suffering, I missed those moments.   I remind people all of the time to look for the tiny miracles.  Even in the darkest times, blessings and miracles flourish.  They… Continue reading Miracles


We are all made up of collectible labels and memories that define us.  Or does it?   My life is a collection of experiences that build my life novel, but it doesn’t define me. Having a child with special needs and swimming in a pool of a family illness called alcoholism, only gives me opportunities… Continue reading Define