In my life, I have experienced many miracles and blessings.  Many, of which, I was blind to.   Focused on my own feeling of grief and suffering, I missed those moments.   I remind people all of the time to look for the tiny miracles.  Even in the darkest times, blessings and miracles flourish.  They… Continue reading Miracles


We are all made up of collectible labels and memories that define us.  Or does it?   My life is a collection of experiences that build my life novel, but it doesn’t define me. Having a child with special needs and swimming in a pool of a family illness called alcoholism, only gives me opportunities… Continue reading Define

Finding the Humor

To find the humor in the darkest times is difficult, at best.   Sometimes the timing isn’t ideal, but it provides a little brightness in an otherwise difficult situation.   I remember when Bailey was born and we were confronted by his diagnosis of Down syndrome along with some other possible health issues.  I was… Continue reading Finding the Humor