Mommy Timeout

I don’t get sick………ever…..until a few days ago.   I pride myself on an immune system comprised of steel that is protected by a strong will to avoid illness.    I was doing great until Friday night when my throat felt like I had swallowed shards of glass.  By Saturday, I was convinced I was… Continue reading Mommy Timeout


As I look outside, trees are covered in snow while leaves still linger.   I love the four seasons and the transition in nature. Watching flowers bloom and gardens grow only to be whisked into a lullaby of falling leaves and cooler nights.   Anymore, my observations see that the one season has barely begun… Continue reading Change

The Light Bulb

Someone recently compared the inside of their head to a dim light bulb.   That image resonated with me as most of the time, my mind mimics a dark tunnel.   Last blog, I wrote about making decisions.  My thoughtful process sometimes hinders the outcome, but today, my light bulb grew bright. I have been… Continue reading The Light Bulb

The Decision

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but my decision making skills may rival a tense negotiation with competing countries.  Visually, the inside of my head is a hamster wheel complete with a hamster and a whimsical dancing monkey.  My thoughts can turn into a three-ring circus.  With that being said, the toughest… Continue reading The Decision

The Unfolding

Seemingly effortless, God unfolds my life.  It is His will that prepares me as I walk the journey.   Paths filled with thorns merge into paths filled with scenic views provide me with a basket full of opportunities.   These experiences create a masterpiece of collective scenes. I am amazed at His patience.   It… Continue reading The Unfolding

Soothing Words

I don’t know about you, but when I am walking through something difficult, I certainly welcome words of encouragement. For me, it is interesting the variety of responses one may receive when sharing your struggles.   Some are soothing.  Others are convinced if they tell you their war stories, that will somehow make you feel… Continue reading Soothing Words