So, another year is about to make an exit, while another year is on the doorstep.   I listen with amusement at all the people talking about how 2015 will be different because of their new resolutions.   Resolutions are unrealistic expectations.  It is a formula for failure.   Instead, I think about the new… Continue reading Closure

The Hens

I can remember my Dad calling my Mom’s bridge group “the hens” because of their uncanny ability to have multiple conversations while talking at very high decibels.  I laughed at his notion.   When my mother hosted, I was fascinated by these gatherings.  They really never played bridge, it was merely an excuse to talk,… Continue reading The Hens

Being the Best

Finding my truth, is simply being the best person that I can be.   Everyday, it looks different.  Sometimes my best is simply completing a simple task, while other times, it is accomplishing something grander.   I love the essence of curiosity that life offers me.   Still being curious, as an eager child would… Continue reading Being the Best

Alone Time

I have sent my family off for their annual Christmas trip to Florida.  For the last three years, I have taken a “time out” to rejuvenate my spirit and provide myself with a little alone time. While I miss the activity in the house and the interaction with my guys, it is imperative that I… Continue reading Alone Time


It has been a long, full week of distractions.   Distractions from writing my blog or from getting a list of things accomplished.  This is simply… life.   Life is full of distractions that deter us from our primary goal.  My primary goal is to lead a life that is full of happiness completely untarnished… Continue reading Decompression