It has been a long, full week of distractions.   Distractions from writing my blog or from getting a list of things accomplished.  This is simply… life.   Life is full of distractions that deter us from our primary goal.  My primary goal is to lead a life that is full of happiness completely untarnished… Continue reading Decompression

Our Story

I started my day hitting a rock which damaged one of my tires.  It spawned a resentment against a rock while I sat in the dealership waiting room.  I was pissed.   My thoughts were all about how this ruined my day.  A list of people that I needed to call to rearrange appointments streamed… Continue reading Our Story

Time Table

Nine years ago today, I lost the most influential person in my life.  My Dad was instrumental in showing me what unconditional love looked like.   While my life has evolved in that time, my love and memory for him has never faded.  And my grief….it still lingers. Grief is an interesting concept.   If… Continue reading Time Table


So, now that we are swimming in the holiday season, I realize it is a time to pause and reflect.  With the year coming to a close, I am able to take notice of all the events, opportunities, sadness, happiness, successes, and failures that have made their way into my life. I can’t sum up… Continue reading Gifts