My Voice

For years, I was quiet.   Finding my voice has been just recent.  Oh sure, advocating for my special needs son was always second nature, but I am talking about advocating for me.    I think, I was worried people wouldn’t like me if I shared my opinion.  It was all about keeping the peace.… Continue reading My Voice

The Legacy

Two of my greatest accomplishments are my boys.   Simply put, they make me a better person.   It’s funny, through all the sleepless nights, chaotic schedules, brotherly bickering, and everything else that encompasses motherhood, I am in motherly bliss.   It’s is so easy to get caught up in what I presume is exhausting,… Continue reading The Legacy

The Exercise

So, there can’t be a cleanse without some diligent exercise involved.   Fortunately, it doesn’t involve a treadmill or any particular coach screaming at me.  What is does entail is the willingness to write.   Part of my emotional cleanse is the release portion.  I wrote a letter to one of my “people” with whom… Continue reading The Exercise

Stay Awake

Part of my growth process is the realization when things become stagnant, I need to shake it up.  While on this emotional cleanse, it has come to my attention that when I rid myself of a relationship, it needs to be full throttle.   Case in point, I just defriended some people on Facebook that… Continue reading Stay Awake


I am often reminded not to dwell in the past, however, my story dictates that I be reflective of the past as it has provided me with many lessons.   My past experiences are the footprints that have led me to the present and will continue to ease me into the future.   However, it… Continue reading Footprints


So, I have been on my emotional cleanse for a few months.   For those of you new to my blog, I started to disengage myself from toxic relationships that no longer served any purpose.  As with any cleanse, it was difficult.  Now, several months into the process, I am feeling lighter and free.  The… Continue reading Afterglow