Eyes Wide Open

We all have a story that we are in the process of creating.   Part of my story, is raising a son with Down syndrome. I don’t believe in coincidences, instead  I love the reference of Godincidences.  I had situations that, in my opinion, gave me a foreshadowing of having a special needs child.  … Continue reading Eyes Wide Open

Slippery Slope

Our mindset in this fast paced society, is how we can be successful and how fast can it happen.  It seems everything gravitates to “when this happens, then I will be happy” or “when this changes, then I will be happy”.  When did we start putting conditions on being happy?   Years ago, I was… Continue reading Slippery Slope


I am mindful that no one really likes change.  In fact, it is probably the most uncomfortable feeling that we can experience.  I am reminded daily that while change is difficult it is necessary for our humanness to evolve.  Imagine a world with no change.  It would be colorless and unimaginative.   It would be… Continue reading Change

Giving Back

So, today for those of us in the Catholic faith, starts the season of lent.   There is a lot of discussion over what individuals will “give up” until Easter.    My belief system is that giving up chocolate or social media doesn’t impact anyone, except the individual.    My question is, how can I… Continue reading Giving Back