We are all in a sea of dysfunction.  It amazes me how we function in the midst of it.   The undeniable situations where people accept the unacceptable, make excuses for those that are chronically inconsiderate and most of all, brush those little morsels under the rug.  It is a reality for most people that… Continue reading SPIT

Seeds of Hope

When I plant my garden each spring, I make a list of all the vegetables and any other yummy goodness that make my taste buds sing.      I prepare the soil, provide water and nourishment, and then I wait.   Similar to a child on Christmas morning, the first sign of growth fills me… Continue reading Seeds of Hope


After speaking with a friend this morning, I was struck by how we tend to focus on what others have and what we are lacking.    I pondered for a bit to reason out why that is.  Are we constantly comparing ourselves to where we think the grass is greener?   For me, I know… Continue reading Hidden

Be The Change

There was a time I wanted to change the world…..one person at a time.   If you crossed my path, I could give you a thousand ways to better yourself.    The major problem was me.    Looking back, I wonder how in the world I maintained any relationship with my haughty “if only you… Continue reading Be The Change


Yesterday, I was struck by an odd sensational.   While at an interview for my column, I was perusing the home while chatting with the homeowner.   As a sophisticated woman, she exuded success.    Countless accomplishments are displayed and her worldly experiences she shared were fascinating.   I was quickly caught up in the… Continue reading Substance


As I go through my day, I am inundated with noise.   The outside influences of the passing traffic, honking horns, and abrupt garbage collection.   My home is equally as loud with barking dogs, teenage boys whose voices have no volume control and a barrage of ringing and dinging from my cell phone.  … Continue reading Silence


I have had some time to reflect on the events over the last few weeks.  It has allowed me to shift my focus and realize that life forces us to make difficult decisions and encourages us to proceed with a heart full of trust.  Things happen, situations unfold, and I can be plagued with obstacles.… Continue reading Unstoppable

God’s Grace

This is has been an extremely long week filled with a lot of raw emotions.   My brother-in-law, who is 49, had a stroke and my husband, who has many health issues, has been struggling with pneumonia.  These two situations alone has caused me to pause and truly reflect on the miracle of how God… Continue reading God’s Grace