Good Orderly Direction (GOD)

I started my morning off with a mother/son mass at Bryce’s high school.  The usual grumbling about getting up made for a less than peaceful or even warm willingness to accompany me to this special gathering.  I was a little annoyed and somewhat spiritually unbalanced.  However, I noticed a change once we took our seats and remained quiet..   It was the invitation of stillness that illuminated the moment.  Taking the time to be silent and invite GOD to the table.    I was struck by the sermon that the priest shared.  He talked about having good orderly direction in life.  Good orderly direction is simply GOD.   When GOD is present, then life flows, when he isn’t chaos ensues.

There are several components that encourage His presence.  One is my willingness to be still.  Those moments when I am completely still and present, are when my thoughts provide clarity.  Sitting still leads me to a space where I can experience something bigger.  It truly broadens my horizons and provides an opportunity to see the world with fresh eyes.   True quiet serves as an awakening to a happier existence.

Truly being present gives us the ability to see beyond the roles that are used to identify ourselves.  I am much more than a wife, mom, daughter, and friend.   By taking the time to be still, I am able to infuse everything I encounter with a sense of purpose and peace.

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