God’s Grace

This is has been an extremely long week filled with a lot of raw emotions.   My brother-in-law, who is 49, had a stroke and my husband, who has many health issues, has been struggling with pneumonia.  These two situations alone has caused me to pause and truly reflect on the miracle of how God… Continue reading God’s Grace


Of course, as a writer of love words.  I love the sound they make, the meaning behind them, and the impact they have on people.    Unfortunately, being mindful of the impact is important.   Too many times, we say hurtful, manipulative, or unnecessary things that create a wedge.    Many times we don’t mean… Continue reading Words


I enjoy the change of the seasons.  Each one brings a sense of newness that inspires me to emerge from a stagnant pattern.    I think that is why I enjoy living in a place where the four seasons are a constant.   Keep in mind, there are times, when they are experienced in one… Continue reading Spring