The Changeover

I probably have written a piece or two about change prior to this, but it is indeed a topic worth repeating.  Change is the cornerstone for transformation.  Although uncomfortable, it opens doors to new opportunities.   For me, my instant reaction was usually a dramatic gasp followed by crippling fear.    Routine is comforting.  It… Continue reading The Changeover

Wake Up!

My high school reunion is fast approaching.  I don’t mind sharing that it has been thirty years since I walked across the stage to claim my diploma.  With that being said, I am quick to say I am grateful to be where I am in life.  I remember entering high school, I was eager for… Continue reading Wake Up!

Egg Shells

I really try not to linger on my soap box.   Since I have a great deal of opinions, it better suits those around me to keep them to myself…..most of the time.  However, I can no longer remain silent over my feelings of exclusion. Yesterday, I heard a very well respected man share his… Continue reading Egg Shells

The Measuring Stick

I think we have jumped aboard the crazy train.   It is baffling that we have allowed Facebook or any other social media out there, to dictate our worthiness.    Recently, I defriended a hand full of people.  Mostly, because their was either no interaction with them or they were inserting themselves into everything.  Either… Continue reading The Measuring Stick