We are all held in some sort of prison.   Confined to whatever others think, feel, dictate, or even subtlety spread, we can only escape if we change our own behavior.  It seems to be a theme with me, so I think I will go with it.   I am finding that I have no… Continue reading Prison


For me GO, is an acronym for growth opportunity.   Honestly, it is a more positive spin on a rather uncomfortable process.  My growth opportunities appear when I least expect it or when I am not really interested.   Seriously, who really enjoys the opportunity to grow? It is tedious, hard work with a roller… Continue reading GO


Beyond my sanctuary of hairy family members, (please know that ALL members, two and four legged are included), I am riddled with triggers.  Those triggers can come in the form of people I know, events that are occurring, or simply the annoyance of the world at large.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but there… Continue reading Edgy