Possibly the best things about Thanksgiving are the leftovers and possibly the worst thing about Thanksgiving are the emotional leftovers.   We had one of the best holidays on record.   Wonderful gathering with family members, but one thing was missing…..my Mom.  For the last week, she has been in the hospital with some unknown… Continue reading Leftovers

The Decider

I think it is only appropriate that I delve into the topic of decisions.   Recently, I made a decision that wasn’t very popular, but was best for the whole.     It is interesting how people will make your decision or actions about them.   Ego is a huge nemesis when it comes to… Continue reading The Decider

Did I……..?

As I bounce back from my humanistic experience of creating more drama than needed, I realized the world at large is essentially doing the same thing.    All the frightening experiences that have overwhelmed us recently, have now spilled into our everyday lives.   Many are obsessed with the constant posting of “helpful” links or… Continue reading Did I……..?