Powerful Quiet

When I was a child, I can remember others using the “silent treatment” as a way to punish someone when they were mad at them.   It was an infuriating punishment that really didn’t accomplish anything……but then again, we were children.   I always thought it was difficult for me to deliver that since I… Continue reading Powerful Quiet


After God gave me a little nudge to work on my craft, I have been participating in a weekly workshop complete with sharing pieces that are raw and unedited.   I find it invigorating and very therapeutic for my writer’s soul.    Our assignment this week was to write about something that could have been… Continue reading Substance

Cliff Diving

So, today we are back on our regular schedule after several days of being “snow” bound, which is funny because there really wasn’t that much snow.    Ironically, while everyone else is casually enjoying their Monday, I headed to the store to replenish the stock pile of food eaten by my two bottomless pits.  … Continue reading Cliff Diving

The Defined

Yesterday, I begrudgingly attended my son’s football banquet.  I say begrudgingly because it is a four to five hour eating/awards bonanza and frankly, I like to nap on Sundays.  With that being said, Bryce asked me to attend and when your sixteen year old wants your presence, of course, you show up.   What I… Continue reading The Defined