Moving On

The past two weeks have been a voyage of loses due to friend’s loved ones passing away.   While it certainly is apart of the process, saying goodbye still jolts us into the realization that life is not forever.    No one likes to think about death, but this very real occurrence is  one we… Continue reading Moving On

Bulk Bonanza

Waiting in the car, I surveyed the already gathering group.  It was 9:50 on a weekday morning and cars were appearing from all different directions.  The line formed just outside to doors waiting in anticipation to enter…….COSTCO.  I bet you thought I was building up to something exciting, which, for me, it definitely not COSTCO.… Continue reading Bulk Bonanza

Where I Belong

“So, why are you taking this class?  You have a degree in writing, you having a writing job, so isn’t that enough?”   This is what I was asked this morning as my classmate and I walked into our writing workshop.  Her questions were not ugly in demeanor, but rather, inquisitive.  I have asked myself… Continue reading Where I Belong

The Circle

I have been participating in a writer’s workshop for that last month that has ignited my craft.   Seriously, my brain is flooded with new material screaming to get out and on paper.  Now, you understand the insanity that resides in my head.   This week’s writing assignment has caused me some fear and hesitation.… Continue reading The Circle

The Game

“We are going to win and go to state”, Bailey calmly stated this morning.   As we drove to E-Town to face our worthy opponents, I knew two things……Bailey is very confident in his team’s ability, but the facts were that they had only won one regular season game.  We were headed to the Regional… Continue reading The Game