So, as you can imagine I have some thoughts on the next holiday on the horizon….Valentine’s Day.    Let’s be honest, this particular day is highly intense.    There are expectations that, if you are lucky, are met.   The reality is that many will be disappointed and will curse the holiday.

First, bravo to those of you who breathe in the essence of this day and go freaky with it.   Good for you!   Second, if you hate this day and are always disappointed, then shift your perspective and lower your expectations.  Years ago, I let Brian off the hook.  You know, the hook we tend to hang our significant others on when they don’t deliver exactly what  we imagine or have seen in the movies….which by the way is fabricated.  Here is the reality of the situation, as a society, we are setting the stage for failure.  Not everyone will fall into that category, but a good majority will and it isn’t fair.   Remember, not everyone was born with a romantic gene, so to put that kind of pressure on those individuals is almost cruel.

My whole objective isn’t to bash the holiday, but look at it in a different light.   If your partner/spouse seems to dread or even fear the holiday because of past disappointments, then maybe its time to figure out what works best for you to both be happy.   Life is too short to put all your eggs in one heart shaped candy dish.  Appreciate all they offer you the other 364 days a year because that should be the primary focus or be single and this won’t even be an issue.



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