After banging my head against a wall….literally and figuratively…..I decided to take back my parental power and obtain a device that will instill time limits for the boys and their electronic usage.  Keep in mind, my issue is contained to both boys, but especially Bailey.  For those of you who believe Bailey is as sweet… Continue reading Loopholes

The BS Factor

I am a recovering explanation whore.   Basically, I would explain my reasons for not doing something to make everyone feel comfortable.   What I found through my excessive need to explain myself, is that the other party wasn’t going to change their feelings and so my breathless attempt at making everyone happy was lost.… Continue reading The BS Factor

The Break

Like with any sort of change, I have an adjustment period.   Today, marks the end of Bryce’s sophomore year, which by the way, went faster than a speeding bullet.   With that, we celebrate the occasion by having lunch out and anticipating what the next three months hold.    For me, summer break brings… Continue reading The Break

Open Door Policy

If there is one thing I know it is the knowledge that doors are constantly opening….maybe not in my timing or what I would expect, but they are opening.   So, I gave a speech at Bailey’s graduation which really helped identify the benefits of his attendance at this vocational school, along with the impact… Continue reading Open Door Policy

Life Chances

If I take anything away from life it would be that it is constantly changing.  Nothing, and I mean nothing stays the same.  If you try to maintain your consistency, then you become stuck.  As a parent, the metamorphosis of our children happens second by second.  There is no pause button.   You can’t stop… Continue reading Life Chances

The Struggle

As I approach the three week mark of having my surgery, I realize that I am frustrated.  Frustrated that even the most basic task is painful.    Frustrated that I am not farther along in my recovery.    This morning after going to Kroger, I let my emotions be released.  If I could have gotten… Continue reading The Struggle