Open Door Policy

If there is one thing I know it is the knowledge that doors are constantly opening….maybe not in my timing or what I would expect, but they are opening.   So, I gave a speech at Bailey’s graduation which really helped identify the benefits of his attendance at this vocational school, along with the impact of having him accepted into his work community.  While I love sharing my experience, there is something so raw and emotional about be vulnerable in front an audience.    So, imagine my surprise when I was invited to speak once again on a larger level.

I have always wondered what my life purpose is suppose to be.  For a long time, I thought it was simply to be an advocate for Bailey.  Then it was being a writer.  Now, I think it is possible to not define my purpose by one thing but instead, expand on it.   I can get in the mindset that what I have to say isn’t valuable, but obviously, the door has not closed on that.    It really is me taking the position in the passenger seat to see where my Higher Power will lead me.    Obviously, He knows more than I do, so if I allow myself to be led, then my purpose will be revealed.


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