The Struggle

As I approach the three week mark of having my surgery, I realize that I am frustrated.  Frustrated that even the most basic task is painful.    Frustrated that I am not farther along in my recovery.    This morning after going to Kroger, I let my emotions be released.  If I could have gotten… Continue reading The Struggle

The Long Shot

As I sit on my bed on this beautiful Kentucky morning, I am reminded of two things…….life is very good and I am so proud to live in this beautiful state.  The first Saturday in May is Louisville’s largest party with an extended invitation to the world.  There is no shortage of beautiful horses, fashionable… Continue reading The Long Shot

Crazy Town

I have dual citizenship as I am a frequent visitor to a place called crazy town.  If you haven’t been there, you must take time to visit.  Unfortunately, if you stay too long, I can’t guarantee an easy reentry.   Since I have been visiting a lot more often since my surgery, I am privy… Continue reading Crazy Town

Grocery Therapy

“How are you today?” the friendly clerk asked.   “Great.  How about you?”  I inquire. She proceeds to tell me about her health issues that are weighing heavy on her mind and I share that I can completely understand.  We chat for a few more minutes, I wish her the best of luck, and we… Continue reading Grocery Therapy