Warped Outlook

The human nature package includes unrealistic expectations that breed resentments.  It is completely rationale that the experiences in life work out like we imagine them in our active imagination.   Well, let’s be honest, that is bullshit.   For years, I lived in the rainbow and butterfly world assuming that others are capable of meeting… Continue reading Warped Outlook

Party of One

So, for our writing class prompt today, we were asked to write a letter to our target audience.  This presented a conundrum as I have never really thought about who I am actually writing for because, at this point, I would be happy with just one person reading my work.   (Thank you to the… Continue reading Party of One

Another Day

If you read my blog frequently, you are aware of how much I detest these commercial holidays, but I am powerless in that regard.  In the spirit of the day, and any day for that matter, I will reminisce about the impact my father had on my life. First, of all, he accepted me, flaws… Continue reading Another Day

Daring to Dream

As a child, I had a very creative imagination.  I would play for hours pretending to live in a large apartment where I was successful and powerful.   Scenarios of a life filled with endless possibilities, that danced in my head, enabled me to experience any life that I saw fit.  There were no boundaries.… Continue reading Daring to Dream

To Be

After I wrote my blog and shared my struggle with figuring out a life theme to write about for my class, many of you said some very kind things and gave me some valid suggestions.    I am a writer with no process.    It is very probable that my craft resembles a construction site… Continue reading To Be

Life Theme

So, tomorrow is my writing workshop and I remain stumped on the process for my thirty minute prompt.  Each week our trusty leader provides a topic and we spend thirty minutes developing it.   This week the subject is finding your life theme.    I am not sure why this presents an issue, but my… Continue reading Life Theme