By now, you all have been very kind walking side by side with me while I navigate this unfamiliar terrain.    You haven’t told me to suck it up nor have you tried to fix me.  I can feel the genuine listening and virtual hugs.  Thank you for that.   Slowly, I am coming out… Continue reading Unashamed


I am not going to lie.  This recovery process isn’t for the faint of heart.  Yesterday, I had a complete breakdown.  Before I continue, I am not asking for sympathy or suggestions on how to proceed, I am merely sharing my truth.  I no longer wish to live behind a mask of distorted facades.  … Continue reading Unbalanced


Today has been a stellar evolution of positive steps in my recovery process.   Staples were removed and I could make a full pedal rotation on my stationary bike.   It seems as though a new lease on life has emerged.    With the healing process well on its way, I have given myself the… Continue reading Reinvention

The Unknown

With all the free time that I am embracing, it has given me some time to calmly access my goals.    Recently, an opportunity was brought to my attention that I immediately dismissed.   The reasoning was simple – I don’t want to do it, but the reality was fear of rejection was blinding my… Continue reading The Unknown