By now, you all have been very kind walking side by side with me while I navigate this unfamiliar terrain.    You haven’t told me to suck it up nor have you tried to fix me.  I can feel the genuine listening and virtual hugs.  Thank you for that.   Slowly, I am coming out… Continue reading Unashamed


I am not going to lie.  This recovery process isn’t for the faint of heart.  Yesterday, I had a complete breakdown.  Before I continue, I am not asking for sympathy or suggestions on how to proceed, I am merely sharing my truth.  I no longer wish to live behind a mask of distorted facades.  … Continue reading Unbalanced


Today has been a stellar evolution of positive steps in my recovery process.   Staples were removed and I could make a full pedal rotation on my stationary bike.   It seems as though a new lease on life has emerged.    With the healing process well on its way, I have given myself the… Continue reading Reinvention

The Unknown

With all the free time that I am embracing, it has given me some time to calmly access my goals.    Recently, an opportunity was brought to my attention that I immediately dismissed.   The reasoning was simple – I don’t want to do it, but the reality was fear of rejection was blinding my… Continue reading The Unknown


Day 6 of my recovery and I wouldn’t say it has been all smooth sailing.    Of course, there are bumps in the road, emotional breakdowns, and a complete embrace of a shower chair (long story).   With that being said, I am navigating the recovery process with as much patience as possible. Like a… Continue reading Compliance

I Know Nothing

My delusion is how I am kicking this recovery, but my reality tells me a different story.  While I am doing well with movement, my exercises, and pain level, I discarded something that I was suppose to do –  breathe.   Not in the context of just everyday inhaling and exhaling, but after surgery you… Continue reading I Know Nothing

The Odds

Finally, I am home relishing in my new knee and a shifted attitude.   Words can’t describe the pain that I have endured for the last four months following the previous surgery.  While horrific, it does provide perspective for this experience following my knee replacement.  It shows me how even the slightest change can bring… Continue reading The Odds