I keep residing in the euphoric moment of Tuesday night.  It was euphoric because I didn’t vomit, fall on the stage, or stare blankly at my audience.  I spoke my truth with conviction.  That is brave.  Please don’t confuse my words with stroking my ego, but rather a testament to being able to be authentic… Continue reading Impactful

The Outcome

The moment of truth came and went last night.  I stood up in front of 500 people and shared an intimate, detailed account of my boy’s different paths to the same destination.  It was really a tribute to the kind of institution that Trinity is and an expression of gratitude to their contribution to both… Continue reading The Outcome


So, tonight I will be standing in front of an extensive crowd sharing my story of how my boys arrived at the same place taking different paths.  It is the story of a place – a home where my boys have been nurtured and loved.    I can honestly say I am terrified about standing… Continue reading Nervousness


Friday night was an awakening of sorts.   Words escaped me as I was totally immersed in the moment.   Bailey’s dance team, the Boogie Down Crew, which is comprised of young adults with Down syndrome, was the halftime entertainment at my youngest son’s high school which is the same place that employs Bailey.  This… Continue reading Contagious

The Blueprint

There is a lot of stock in honesty.   It keeps the slate clean without tainting our being with half-truths or total lies.  Sometimes being truthful is hurtful.  I am forever reminding myself that if it doesn’t meet the criteria – is it kind, necessary or true, then I probably need to keep it to… Continue reading The Blueprint