As I reflect, I realize that despite my best efforts, happiness did not come easy for me. While living with active alcoholism and a child with special needs, my attitude was contingent on other people’s moods.   I did not know how to truly be happy even if those around me were miserable.   I… Continue reading Within

The Slip

In an effort to be transparent, I need to confess something.   Recently, I found joy in someone else’s misery.  Yes, that sounds mean spirited, spiteful, and most of all, unkind, but I am owning my humanness.   Let me just start out by saying that I am a firm believer in karma.  Like a… Continue reading The Slip

Getting Along

Society has gotten toxic, tainted, and down right scary.   You can’t go five minutes without unkind words glaring at you on your electronic devices or watching the media for distorted “facts”.    This isn’t a rant on my own political beliefs.  This is a rant on being human. I am fascinated on the litany… Continue reading Getting Along

The F Word

That title grabbed your attention and my guess is you assumed I was talking about the F-word that I love to say.   Well, you would be wrong, but that’s okay because I just baited you to read my blog.   Good for me, and hopefully, good for you. The F-word that I am talking… Continue reading The F Word