The Audition

My youngest son is in a state of transition.   It is the good kind where one is expanding their horizons and finding their own footing outside of their comfort zone.  Bryce is definitely full of surprises lately.  Last night, he came home with the news that he will be auditioning for his high school’s… Continue reading The Audition

The Real Story

The functional family is extinct, but more accurately, it really never existed.   Some families have more dysfunction than others, but if we are all completely honest, our families are less than perfect. Recently, during a dinner with my mother, she commented that we were not dysfunctional in the slightest and to refer to us… Continue reading The Real Story


After this past Thanksgiving, I stood in awe.    Probably because it was definitely one of the better ones and all because I was present.   Mindful, that by paying attention to my surroundings, I will survive….I will be at peace….but most of all, I will have conquered those holiday expectations. First and foremost, I… Continue reading After……

No Words

I have heard this many times, but it resonated most when the words were shared once again…..when someone’s words are hurtful or you are aware that you can’t change their minds on their perception of things, let the words they say, fall at their feet.  I love that visual.   The action of words simply… Continue reading No Words