Monday Miracle

A few weeks ago, I shared the experience of Bryce inferring that all the attention goes to Bailey.   Truth be told, more time is spent advocating for his brother.  Despite having Down syndrome, the government is always requiring “proof” or is lowering his disability benefits because maybe one week out of the month he… Continue reading Monday Miracle

My Escape

I can’t escape the insanity of social media.  Now, it is seeped into my haven – my recovery rooms – and has invaded my awards shows.    Every place I enter has become a platform for expressing their unhappiness with our current state of affairs.  I currently feel like the husband with selective hearing.  The… Continue reading My Escape

White Noise

If you listen carefully, you will hear the screams of the outraged that can only be silenced by the those in thoughtful contemplation.  While that might not make sense to many, it resonates with me the moment that bright light came in to my forethought.   Through all the noise – angry news feeds, outraged… Continue reading White Noise


We are flawed.   That is something that all of us can agree upon.   With that comes a degree of responsibility when we make mistakes…..owning that flaw.   It seems this week, God has decided that it is time I flex my “speak my truth” muscle in the context of others simply not being… Continue reading Flawed

Varied Plots

I think it is fascinating that every person has a different story for their past.  Haven’t you ever noticed siblings bickering on an event that happened and there are different variations?  Or the couple that has been married awhile and one particular memory is interpreted differently.    Our lives are a potpourri of colorful memories… Continue reading Varied Plots

A New Day

The deafening sounds of opinions regarding watching the inauguration was so odd to me.  Regardless of the candidate standing on that stage, I was set on watching the ceremonial swearing in of the next president.   For me, it wasn’t about the person but rather watching our country celebrate our freedoms and looking ahead to… Continue reading A New Day