Subject Matter

I am a keen observer.  I love to watch people interact, follow their dialogue, and cultivate a way to express it into words that entertain…..yes, I like to eavesdrop.   While I love my occupation as a writer, there are pitfalls.  Everyone assumes they are going to end up in my blog or quite possibly… Continue reading Subject Matter

Safety First

I had meant to write about this topic earlier in the week, but the stench of my home along with the fiscally conservative purchase of shoes by my husband distracted me.   Let’s talk about cruise safety.   If you have been on a cruise, you are aware of the mandatory muster drill.  For those… Continue reading Safety First

Just Another Day

Yes, I understand today is Valentine’s Day, but really it is Tuesday.  This holiday is primed to set unrealistic expectations on unsuspecting individuals.   How many will be disappointed by this money-making day?  Of course, you will never know because everyone will post how incredibly thoughtful their partner is because social media is the only… Continue reading Just Another Day