I always find the art of preparing for a vacation odd.  Sometimes it feels like a whole lot of work just to go somewhere different to relax.   Oddly enough, I haven’t really been planning.   The normal list maker has sidelined herself.    It could be that I have other things swimming around my… Continue reading Preparation

Let’s Be Clear

I have expressed the pros and cons to our social media frenzy.  It serves a lot of wonderful purposes, but some use it to fuel their own negative agenda.   Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that it happens.  That people feel more comfortable unleashing hateful or rude comments because they have the screen… Continue reading Let’s Be Clear

Blurred Lines

First let me state the disclaimer for this entry……I love my life and where I am currently residing.  I love how everything is evolving and expanding.  That new opportunities are arriving and that I am in a place of acceptance.  What I don’t love is the evidence of aging.  The scale this morning screamed at… Continue reading Blurred Lines

My Own Terms

There is a sense of satisfaction when the plush rug is yanked out from under me and I find the bare floor more comfortable.    While there is a touch of anxiety circling me as I tackle new opportunities, I can’t help but feel accomplished.   My first assignment for one of the magazines I… Continue reading My Own Terms