Blurred Lines

First let me state the disclaimer for this entry……I love my life and where I am currently residing.  I love how everything is evolving and expanding.  That new opportunities are arriving and that I am in a place of acceptance.  What I don’t love is the evidence of aging.  The scale this morning screamed at… Continue reading Blurred Lines

My Own Terms

There is a sense of satisfaction when the plush rug is yanked out from under me and I find the bare floor more comfortable.    While there is a touch of anxiety circling me as I tackle new opportunities, I can’t help but feel accomplished.   My first assignment for one of the magazines I… Continue reading My Own Terms


What I experienced yesterday at my last photo shoot was…..nothing.    It was odd as I chatted with my final homeowner of a ten year career that my emotions were in check.   I left with a sense of closure.   Today, I will write that article and turn in my final three.  In between,… Continue reading Distraction

The Goodbye

While my article will still remain until April 8, today marks the last photo shoot I will do in correlation with it.   I remain steadfast in the knowledge that sometimes God knows when we are done before we do.    Even with that being said, there is lingering sadness over saying goodbye to what… Continue reading The Goodbye