Before The Pen

This latest change in my career status has allowed me to be reflective over the past twenty-seven years of working.   Long before I spent ten years in the corporate world in the telecommunications industry or worked retail in a locally owned shoe store, I wanted to be a nurse.    When I think back… Continue reading Before The Pen

The Haircut

Since Bryce’s theater debut is tomorrow, the director had informed him that he would need to have a buzz cut to fit the character of Buddha along with his other role as a monk. So, yesterday afternoon before rehearsal, Brian shaved his head, unfortunately, his director wanted a more authentic look, so last night, Brian… Continue reading The Haircut

Side Trip

I am always amazed at how my children’s scenery changes as they evolve.   Bryce has long been my child who was a little more anxious when trying something new, but a change occurred once he started high school.    Bryce has decided to embrace that anxiety and turn it into something beautiful. Yesterday, after… Continue reading Side Trip


When I became a parent, I wanted to provide my boys with a foundation that would serve them well in the future.   Yesterday, I sat back and relished in the reality that my job is almost done and I can bask in the glory of success.   Really, you ask?  Really.  Here is why:… Continue reading Lessons


Fifteen years ago today, Brian and I started a new chapter in our lives….the chapter of recovery.   Brian abandoned his beverage package (cruise pun) and I left behind my craving for emotional chaos along with my need to fix, manage, and control the environment around me.   We found a spiritual solution among like… Continue reading Healing


Last night, I felt disconnected like there was something missing.  It was an unfamiliar feeling as my life is so full.  I am blessed with a quirky, wonderful family, a job that allows me to be flexible, a bountiful selection of empowering friends, well, you get the gist.  The question was why was I feeling… Continue reading Freedom

Word Choice

As I recall, we are currently in the year 2017, yet some people still think using the word “retarded” is completely acceptable.   I can’t believe I even need to lay out the reasons why this isn’t the correct word choice, but, sadly, I do.   If you know me or at the very least… Continue reading Word Choice