The Legacy

Long before I entered this world, my great-grandfather, Vance Armentrout,  was making his mark.  At the ripe young age of 85, he retired from being an associate editor at The Courier-Journal which was back in 1963 – four years before I was born.   His biggest mark on history was when he refused to disclose… Continue reading The Legacy


It is easy when told your services are no longer needed to feel irrelevant.  As if the blood, sweat, and tears you poured into your occupation doesn’t matter.  That is only a part of the story, you see, being irrelevant isn’t a bad thing.    It simple is the reality of not being connected with… Continue reading Irrelevant

Before The Pen

This latest change in my career status has allowed me to be reflective over the past twenty-seven years of working.   Long before I spent ten years in the corporate world in the telecommunications industry or worked retail in a locally owned shoe store, I wanted to be a nurse.    When I think back… Continue reading Before The Pen