The Guide

I am sure that those of you who read my blog on a daily basis are completely bored with my constant yammering regarding my unexpected career change.   However, it bears repeating because my perception is normally twisted.   You see, I don’t think I have navigated this surprise change well, but others apparently think… Continue reading The Guide


I don’t keep it a secret that I am a proud member of a 12-step recovery group for family and friends of alcoholics.   Alanon has  been my salvation for over fifteen years.   Giving me a foundation that teaches me a new way to live which allows me to be a better wife, mother,… Continue reading Fallible


For the first time today, I heard the phrase, “sitting in the question”.  I gravitated to it because that is what I have felt while navigating this new career terrain.   I am simply sitting in the question waiting for the next right thing.   While I am sitting, I am leaning heavily on the… Continue reading Sitting


Motherhood is a journey layered in a variety of emotions.   As Bryce completes his junior year in high school, I am starting the process of realizing that my baby is on the cusp of being shoved out of the nest…….gently, of course.     Part of my parenting gift is to find humor in… Continue reading Humor


When meeting new people, I try to reserve my judgement, but that continues to be a challenge because sometimes I have very strong reactions internally.  That reaction can cause me to instantly state that I am not interested in getting to know someone on a deeper level.   Sometimes that reaction might be off simply… Continue reading Impressions