The Embrace

When my AARP invitation arrived on Friday with its promise of a thermal bag and “real possibilities” I scoffed.     Those that truly know me get my humor.  They get that giving the finger to the AARP doesn’t mean I am not embracing turning 50.  It simply means I am not allowing anyone to… Continue reading The Embrace

I Do

Twenty-five years ago today, I married my spouse.   And no, I am not going to gush about how amazing our marriage is or that he is my soul mate because that is not reality.  That is the shiny post saved for social media where unicorns and butterflies live.   It is the post used… Continue reading I Do

Lazy Gardening

My illusion lies in the image that I am a qualified, even enthusiastic gardener.   When the boys were younger, they were eager to figure out what we were going to plant and excited to tend to the process.   That lasted a day and then the responsibility fell on me.  I had mediocre success.… Continue reading Lazy Gardening


Yesterday I was included in a group text with two of my closet friends.  Both mother of girls, they were expressing the horrors of clothes shopping with teenagers.   I laughed not at them, but with them. Offering them a sanctuary to escape.   My own issues lie in dealing with those individuals – drowning… Continue reading Mysterious


Maybe it is because I will be 50 in exactly three weeks, that I am reflecting, reevaluating, and reliving much of my past.  Not in an order to reside there, but simply to enjoy how far I have come.    There was a time when I was troubled if someone didn’t like me.  After all,… Continue reading Redefined

The Jolt

Last year, we got a king size bed.  I was resistant as I am with most things because I felt like we didn’t need it, but my spouse was adamant.   Maybe it was the reality that two Basset hounds occupied a good chunk of real estate and that it truly was a glorified dog… Continue reading The Jolt