Yesterday I was included in a group text with two of my closet friends.  Both mother of girls, they were expressing the horrors of clothes shopping with teenagers.   I laughed not at them, but with them. Offering them a sanctuary to escape.   My own issues lie in dealing with those individuals – drowning… Continue reading Mysterious


Maybe it is because I will be 50 in exactly three weeks, that I am reflecting, reevaluating, and reliving much of my past.  Not in an order to reside there, but simply to enjoy how far I have come.    There was a time when I was troubled if someone didn’t like me.  After all,… Continue reading Redefined

The Jolt

Last year, we got a king size bed.  I was resistant as I am with most things because I felt like we didn’t need it, but my spouse was adamant.   Maybe it was the reality that two Basset hounds occupied a good chunk of real estate and that it truly was a glorified dog… Continue reading The Jolt


I redeemed myself from reaching a low point in parenting.   Bailey accepted my apology and commented that he really didn’t remember me saying that he was “stupid”.   All that shame for nothing.  Oh well, I was accountable and that is all I am trying to teach my boys.   Being that person who… Continue reading Redemption

Team Player

I have always been a team player, but today I have a voice.    My assumption was that in order to participate fully as a group, I went with the directions of the leader and didn’t ask questions or assert my dislike or discomfort for items on the agenda.  I was silent.  It took me… Continue reading Team Player