Tales of Travel

Now, I am aware that our trip seems a tad depressing.  The subject matter was serious and full of a potpourri of emotions.  However, there were light moments.  There were those times when I was laughing so hard I almost wet my pants – which doesn’t take much.  When dealing with serious issues, there has… Continue reading Tales of Travel


I was under the assumption that if I was in a place of acceptance that I had to like the situation, but I am finding that isn’t the case. Acceptance doesn’t mean you like it, it simply means that you have come to terms with it.   This is especially important when dealing with difficult… Continue reading Stop

The Reality

I suppose our history books are designed to summarize significant points that seem fundamentally more important.    My memory of learning about the holocaust was not dramatic.  Yes, I was aware of the gas chambers, the concentration camps, but I was not privy to the untold stories.  The reality was so horrid, inhumane and brutal… Continue reading The Reality

The Wheel

Packing for a twelve day excursion overseas is interesting.   My brain is on full throttle.  The suitcases have taken up the guest bedroom and I am methodically putting items in thinking that I have this under control.  The realization that my being overly prepared might be the cause of forgetting what I have packed.… Continue reading The Wheel