As the minutes are quickly ticking away until Bryce leaves for, well, wherever he determines to go, I am holding on to any time I can spend with him.   A couple of weeks ago, I jokingly texted him that the “Captain Underpants” movie was coming out and asked if he wanted to see it.   I was surprised when he responded, “sure”.

If you aren’t familiar with the “Captain Underpants” phenomenon, it is basically a series of books that made a superhero out of a guy wearing underwear.  There is a lot of potty talk which resembles what goes on at my own home living with three males.   Bryce read every single book in the series when he was in second and third grade.  While not Pulitzer material, it did encourage him to read, so that is a Mom win.

Anyway, yesterday, we ventured out to see it.  Just the two of us which is rare these days.  When your seventeen year old son wants to hang out with you, you make the time.   While we were probably the oldest people in the theater, we were also the obnoxious ones laughing the hardest.   What I adore about children’s movies is there is always some underlying adult humor that children don’t get.   It makes you feel like those making these tedious motion pictures feel the pain of the adults having to endure a two hour movie with a child.   Which reminds me…..PSA……if your child has a 15 minute attention span, maybe they aren’t ready for a full length movie.  Just saying.   There was a lot of whining going on and it wasn’t the parents.

While the movie won’t win an Oscar, it did provide an opportunity to spend time with my youngest and have a political discussion prior to the movie.   The irony of that didn’t escape me either.  Politics and a movie about potty talk seem relatable these days.

There is something to be said about the foundation built with a child.   I joke about how when Bryce was born, I literally told the nurse she could keep him in the nursery as I would have him for the next eighteen years.   And then, in the blink of an eye, he will be 18 in four months.     While I feel like I am on a speeding train, the only way to slow down time is to truly cherish each moment.   The fact that we laugh at potty humor is just a bonus.


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