Long lost are the days where manners reigned supreme and people were more mindful of treating others with respect.    Especially with the added “behind the screen” mentality, people’s boldness is unbelievably crass.   You always hear “I was joking”, but with the written word, it can get lost in translation. What I adore about… Continue reading Decorum

The Little House

The structure dedicated to allowing my boy’s creativity to blossom has now become mine.  When Brian boldly crafted the vision, I balked.  To be honest, I felt that the original plans resembled an addition instead of a modest playhouse.  I nixed the idea of cable because that wouldn’t allow them to build on their own… Continue reading The Little House

Summer Delusion

Whoever coined the phrase “lazy days of summer” obviously didn’t have children.  While the alarm clock ceases there is the buzz of the dishwasher that cycles not one but two times a day.  The lull between breakfast and lunch is only marred by the realization that I may have just gone to the store but… Continue reading Summer Delusion


As the minutes are quickly ticking away until Bryce leaves for, well, wherever he determines to go, I am holding on to any time I can spend with him.   A couple of weeks ago, I jokingly texted him that the “Captain Underpants” movie was coming out and asked if he wanted to see it.… Continue reading Time


In the bliss of preparing for our European trip, I was caught off guard by a recent conversation with my mother.   I am not sure why I was surprised, but even at 85 she will always think of me as a little girl.    She was asking for the arrangements for if “something should… Continue reading Revealing

Mixed Messages

In a world where we have multiple choices for communication, there seems to be a lot more lost in translation.    A serious of mixed messages can bring a barrage of confusion along with the “am I crazy?” feeling.   As a writer, I try very hard to convey my thoughts in a clear and… Continue reading Mixed Messages