The Effort

I shared in my last blog my willingness to wait.  Waiting for what’s next.  Waiting for God’s direction.   Certain areas of my life are on pause.   So, while I am currently in a standstill pattern, I have decided to focus on things that I can do something about.  Where action is welcomed and God’s nudge is directing me.    Unfortunately, that is exercise.

I hate to exercise.   I hate the thought of it.  I hate the sweat.  I hate that my metabolism doesn’t react to exercise the way it used to.  Well, I think you get it.   But, I feel compelled. It has been eleven months since my knee replacement.   Eleven months of my half committing to getting on the treadmill and really not breaking a sweat.   Two weeks ago, I challenged myself to a five day a week treadmill workout along with fifty squats and upper body work.   This is not a big body transformation, this is an effort to connect my mind, body, and spirit, so when God gives me the green light, I am ready to rock.  This is my commitment to focusing on what I can achieve versus what is completing out of my control.

So each morning, I arm myself with good music and show up on my treadmill.  I challenge myself.  I even surprise myself.    By the end of my workout, I am even pleased with myself.    Working through a transition period can be tedious, but by committing to something allows me to shift the focus and lend space to whatever is going to transpire. My efforts lie in the awakening of breaking open versus breaking down.

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