Years ago, I settled down on a Sunday afternoon to create my first vision board.   What’s a vision board, you ask?  It is simply a place where one puts things that they would like to see materialize in their lives.    Yesterday, I armed myself with rubber cement, an armful of magazines, poster board… Continue reading Visualize

The Effort

I shared in my last blog my willingness to wait.  Waiting for what’s next.  Waiting for God’s direction.   Certain areas of my life are on pause.   So, while I am currently in a standstill pattern, I have decided to focus on things that I can do something about.  Where action is welcomed and… Continue reading The Effort


The last few months have been an adjustment.  I know that I have shrugged off the feeling of loss while writing my blog.  Acting as if I have moved on and am immersed in all the new opportunities that are coming my way.  Part of it is true…..I have moved on, but the opportunities in… Continue reading Unplugging


Those who don’t know me, are probably wondering why I chose this particular photo to correlate with my blog.  Well, that photo was taken last year, during a heated rivalry football game where Bryce is the student manager for the winning team.  I carry “Fathead Bryce” around to show my support for him, which annoys… Continue reading Time