Wasting Time

In a world where we thrive on efficiency, we certainly are time wasters.  We have meetings that never really amount to anything except maybe committing homicide on that one individual who ask a dumb question right when the meeting is ending.   Contrary to popular belief and what I was taught in grade school, there… Continue reading Wasting Time

Checking Out

“You know, I don’t think we really need to go,” I stated to my spouse yesterday.  The place that I was referring to was a mini schedule night at Bryce’s high school.   Yes, for the last three years, I have gone, immersed myself into whatever classes he was taking, and bounced home excited for… Continue reading Checking Out


My delightful youngest commented yesterday that my hair looked much better than the day before.   Oh, what a relief, to have such an affirmation.  I almost couldn’t sleep I was so concerned about his opinion of my hair.   He did come home in a bit of a frenzy.  Apparently, his cell phone stopped… Continue reading Chillax

Being An Adult

Yesterday, a miracle happened.  Not only did the sun redeem itself after being overtaken by the moon, but we found a caregiver for my mother.   Hopefully, she won’t runaway screaming anytime soon.   So I exhaled.   And for a moment, there was balance until the seventeen year old came home. Bryce is on… Continue reading Being An Adult