I pride myself on remembering pivotal obligations that the boys have even if I don’t have it written down.  I can’t remember why I walked into a room, but if it has to do with my offspring, then I have the memory of an elephant.   Except for yesterday.   Yesterday afternoon, Bryce was trying out for… Continue reading Remembering


I have been reconstructing my health regiment for the last few weeks.  Six to be exact, in an effort to be more fit, have less jiggle, all with the hope that the scale won’t cry whenever I stand on it.   In the past, I might have given up when I didn’t have a victory on… Continue reading Progress

The Day After

Did you survive?  Did Aunt Bertha behave herself and were you able to escape the dinner with minimal emotional residue?    Our Thanksgiving was delightful which had everything to do with family participation.  No one carried the full load and before everyone arrived, the four of us held hands and did a family prayer.   I… Continue reading The Day After