The Secret

“Can I tell about the secret?”   This was the question from my oldest regarding the engagement of his cousin/best friend to his longtime girlfriend.  I was confused because we all knew that they had just gotten engaged hours before so I wasn’t sure why he was asking.   It was public knowledge and we were all… Continue reading The Secret

The Believer

As I sit on my couch wrapped in a blanket enjoying my only cup of coffee for the day, I am basking in the quiet.  Having older children allows for that space in the early morning before they reluctantly get out of bed.  The Santa situation has dissolved or so I thought. The night before… Continue reading The Believer


I step on the shore of tradition.   While I grew up in a home that thrived on holiday customs, I have yet to adopt any.    Actually, I really didn’t think about it until yesterday while out with the boys. In an effort to get into the Christmas spirit, I secured seats at the theater… Continue reading Tradition